The Products offered by Nettyfish consist of, but not limited to, the following: Messaging Tools or Interfaces (like Web Browser Interface, Microsoft Excel Plug-in, 2-Way Messaging, Unicode Tool, API Tools, Short Code, Virtual Long Number etc) developed either by Nettyfish or any other third party, Sender Name/Number and Message Credits. The Services offered by Nettyfish consist of, but not limited to, the following: SMS Core Messaging Platform Access, Data Encryption, Data Transmission, Data Access, and Data Storage and, wherever applicable, the Synchronization Software.

The Users shall be held responsible for obtaining and maintaining all computer hardware, software and communications equipment that are needed to access the Products and/or Services, and for paying all the chargeable access charges (e.g., telecommunications) that are incurred while using the Products and/or Services. Nettyfish offers only some of its Products and/or Services free of cost while others are offered at a price. All the price details are mentioned prominently and are payable upfront, prior to the account and/or specific feature(s) and/or credits being activated. Price per SMS may vary periodically based on the variations done at operator's end. Nettyfish shall make no guarantees for the uninterrupted and continuous availability of the Products and/or Services or of any specific feature(s) of the Products and/or Services.

The SMS prices may vary if operators introduce interconnection charges. Nettyfish offers Application Programming Interface (API) Tools like HTTP/S, XML, SMTP and/or SMPP Protocol to connect to Nettyfish Core Messaging Platform. These provide an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with the User’s website/application, facilitating auto-generated SMS Text messages to be delivered to the intended recipients’ mobile phones. Nettyfish charges a one-time setup fee or a periodic fee based on the package selected for activating such connectivity.
Nettyfish also offers Life Time validity for some of its Products and/or Services which would be considered valid for a period of 6 Years.

Any special offers and/or discounts introduced by Nettyfish are valid only for the specific validity period mentioned in the offer. Nettyfish may or may not extend the offer, once the offer package reaches the expiration date. Nettyfish also provides an option to receive sms text messages into the User’s Nettyfish account (called Inbox). Nettyfish may charge up to one credit for each incoming message into the User’s account.

The Products and/or Services are “AS IS” and are subject to the disclaimers of warranty and the limitations of liability as found in this agreement and which are subject to testing by the Users before entering into this agreement. Nettyfish reserves the right to change or terminate the Products and/or the Services and/ or alter the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement at any time with/without notice and/or with immediate effect.


To access and use Nettyfish Products and/or Services, Users need to have a Nettyfish Account ("account"). For this account, the User needs to complete a simple one-time registration process by providing all current, complete and accurate information as prompted by the Registration Form. Entering inaccurate details might result in suspension or blockage of the account. The User has to choose his/her unique "username" and "password" (not less than three characters each). To avail connectivity using API Tools and/or SMPP Protocol, the Users need to fill in another form, which contains details like IP Address to connect to the server, Technical Contact Information, Type of API etc.

Nettyfish reserves the right to approve Users for connectivity using API Tools and/or SMPP Protocol at its sole discretion. Although Nettyfish shall provide connection specifications and shall attempt to keep the specifications accurate and up to date, these specifications may be incomplete and may change from time to time without Nettyfish informing the Users about the changes. It is the User's sole responsibility to test the specifications thoroughly on a regular basis and Nettyfish shall not accept responsibility for any specifications that may be incorrect or incomplete.

The Users shall be entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality regarding their password and account information. In addition, the Users shall be entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under their accounts. Nettyfish shall not be held liable to any third party claims and/or actions taken with respect to the Products and/or Services being offered. The Users agree to notify Nettyfish immediately regarding any unauthorized use of their accounts or of any other breach of security. If Nettyfish finds no activity in any User's account for more than 365 days, that account shall be temporarily blocked or suspended. The Users may contact Nettyfish to re-activate such accounts.


Nettyfish expressly prohibits any unauthorized commercial use of the Products and/or Services. The User gives irrevocable agreement to abide by all the applicable local, national and international laws and regulations and is solely responsible for all acts or omissions (that occur under his/her account or password), including responsibility for the content of any transmissions through Nettyfish. The Users acknowledge that Nettyfish and its licensors retain ownership of all the propriety applications, software, intellectual property "IP" (Intellectual Property) and any portions or copies thereof in relation to them, and all rights therein.

Nettyfish provides by way of example, and not as a limitation, the stipulation that the Users agree not to, directly or indirectly:


Nettyfish respects the privacy of the Users and assures that it shall not monitor, edit, or disclose any personal information about the Users or about the User's Nettyfish account, which includes all of its contents, without the User's prior permission. However, this will not apply if Nettyfish has to:
The User agrees that Nettyfish can access his/her account, including the message content, as stated above or respond to product specific queries or technical issues. The User hereby permits Nettyfish to send him/her communication via email/sms of any updates, upgrades, notices, or any other information that Nettyfish deems important for the Users to know, relating to the Products and/or Services.